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Creating Together
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​Workshop Schedule:


Gift Jamming

for Mother's and Father's Day

Private Workshops

You Choose the Date! - Private Woodwork Classes
選擇你的日子- 私人木工作

 Special: 10% discount on groups of 4 or more items

優惠:單次製作 4 件或以上物品可享受九折優惠


Wine & Cheese
Design and Craft Cheese Boards with a Group of Friends
Bring some Wine & Cheese and Enjoy time Together after the Workshop

10% discount on regular size boards (min 4 boards)

Whatsapp 6345 6965 to book a session


Company and School:

Drewswork offers group workshops tailor made for companies and schools.
Crafting a Pencil Box or Jewellery Box from Walnut Wood. Customised Laser Engraving is included. 

Option A:
Groups of 5-15 people 
Location: Drewswork Workshop at FoTan
Time: 2-4 hours (tailor made to your needs)
Workshop fee: $42
0 per person

Option B:
Groups of 15-30 people 
Location: at your company or school
Time: 2-5 hours (tailor made to your needs)
Workshop fee: $370 per person

All workshops are in English and Cantonese, lead by German Master Carpenter Ulli Drews.

More details and tailor made arrangements for your group: Call or Whatsapp 63456965


Foldable Barrister Lectern

Crafted from walnut wood. 100% handmade. Laser engraving included. 

Drewswork sells solid wood

CUSTOM CUT for you!


Oak, Walnut, Teak, Maple,

African Rosewood, White Oak,

Sabilli, Elm, Ash, Cherry, Beech, Pine

Cheese Board.JPG