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CNY Special – Bring a friend and enjoy 20% discount!

農曆新年優惠  – 與朋友一起享受20%的折扣!

We offer 20% discount for you AND your friend or family member, with each of you making one item in the same workshop session.
However, should more than one person make one item together, then this offer will not be applied.


There are basically 2 ways to join: "Scheduled Classes" (this page) or Private Classes" 


Be skillful with your hands. Learn German craftsmanship. Enjoy wood.



We will use mainly hand tools to work with wood in this workshop.

All classes will be taught by Ullrich Drews (German Master Carpenter) who speaks Cantonese and English.

所有課程將由Ullrich Drews( 德國木匠工程師 )以粵語及英語授課,

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