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Fire Wood


February - April Special – Bring a friend and enjoy 20% discount!
2-4月優惠  – 與朋友一起享受20%的折扣!


All classes overview (ordered by date):


-N27 Sat. 28-1-23 930AM FoldingChair

-V10 Sat. 28-1-23 230PM Crossbow

-V11 Sat. 4-2-23 930AM Crossbow


-AM154 Sat. 4-2-23 230AM ServingBoard/CoffeeTable


-P46 Sat. 11-2-23 10AM MineCraft


-C103 Sat. 11-2-23 2PM TableLamp

-Valentine’s1 Sunday 12-2-23 5pm


-Valentine’s2 Tues. 14-2-23 7pm


-D102 Sat. 25-2-23 10AM Stools


-G59 Sat. 4-3-23 930AM RubberBandGun


-C104 Sat. 4-3-23 130PM TableLamp


-AM155 Sat. 11-3-23 10AM ServingBoard/CoffeeTable


-H17 Sat. 11-3-22 2PM Catapult


-D103 Sat. 25-3-23 11AM Stools


-AM156 Sat. 1-4-23 10AM ServingBoard/CoffeeTable


-N28 Sat. 1-4-23 2PM FoldingChair


-V12 Wed. 5-4-23 PublicHoliday 10AM Crossbow


-AM157 Wed. 5-4-23 PublicHoliday 3PM Boards/CoffeeTable


-G60 Fri. 7-4-23 PublicHoliday 930AM RubberBandGun


-C105 Fri. 7-4-23 PublicHoliday 130PM TableLamp


-P47 Sat. 8-4-23 10AM MineCraft


-AM158 Sat. 8-4-23 2PM ServingBoard/CoffeeTable


-D104 EasterMonday 10-4-23 PH 10AM Stools


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